Fostex D2424LV Digital Multitrack Hard Disk Recorder, in goede conditie

€ 439,99


Fostex D2424LV 24-track hard disk recorder in excellent physical and operational condition.

Includes one 80 GB disk and one empty caddy for expansion. Also included are the Model 8360 Ether Card (to connect to a network), the Model 8551B Extension cable for the detachable controller, and a Neutrik NYS-SPP-L 48-point patch bay with 1/4” cables to connect to the back of the D2424LV.


Rackmount Hard Disk recorder with 24 tracks of uncompressed audio, 24/96 maximum resolution and internal 80 GB E-IDE drive
High-resolution 24-bit A/D, D/A converters with 128x oversampling
24 simultaneous track recording with 24 analog inputs and outputs, light overall weight, effective live multi-track recording solution
1/4" TRS Phone analog connectors with selectable balanced/unbalanced +4/-10 db operation
24 channels of digital recording with TOSLINK ADAT optical connectivity, SPDIF switchable(1-8 only)
Simultaneous analog and digital recording; All Input and All ready record function for single button-activated input signal check and track arming of all tracks
Selectable 16- and 24-bit recording, multiple 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz sample rate support; FS conversion feature enables sampling frequency change of active program during recording
VariPitch and Metronome Functions for fine-tune pitch adjustment of playback, tempo guide for recording
Analog-style Punch-In/Punch Out record mode for real tracks
.WAV Song file import and export
Level envelope display with Undo and Redo, 99-time non-destructive Copy/Paste and Move/Paste across programs(Songs)
Digital scrub feature with jog wheel
Program(Song) Chain Play Mode creates playback sequence order
6 edit point memories, 99 locate points
Virtual Timecode track function, MIDI In/Out/Thru with full MIDI Time Code, MIDI Machine Control and Song Position Pointer support
RS-422 Sony 9-pin control ports, Word Clock I/O
Twin drive bays, second drive bay for DVD-RAM backup or additional backup/archiving hard drive
SCSI-2 port for additional external record or backup drive

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