NUforce S-X Desktop Audio Speakers black GLOEDNIEUW, elders €. 225,-)

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Zeer mooi gestileerd en zowel staand als liggend geven ze een perfecte geluidskwaliteit. U kunt de speakers zelfs ophangen.
Met zwart geanodiseerde aluminium behuizing. Voorzien van een 3" driver en neodymium magneet.
Impedantie van 4 Ohm en gevoeligheid van 88 dB. Frequentiebereik van 90 Hz tot 20 kHz. Input power 10 W

The S-X is a high-performance desktop loudspeaker that complements your life-style and flatters your good taste. The S-X's versatile shape offers a range of placement options. Whether upright, on its side, or mounted on a wall upright or inverted, the S-X produces a wide, musically compelling soundstage. On your desk or elsewhere in your work area, the S-X permits you to move about without experiencing the loss of image or fidelity most desktop speakers exhibit. As a particularly attractive feature, the S-X is available with aluminum side panels in four colors to coordinate with the NuForce Icon. An RJ-45 connector and Cat-5 cable are provided for connection to an Icon or other device. Designed with NuForce's Icon in mind, the S-X delivers a level of performance that rivals loudspeakers several times its price. The speaker's proprietary driver employs an extremely thin paper cone for excellent transients and lifelike musical timbres. Add to this a die-cast basket, vented voice coil and powerful Neodymium motor structure for a level of bass performance, high frequency extension, linearity and power handling capability that belie the S-X's size. The S-X is a whole lot more than another pretty face. The speaker's angled front panel contributes its remarkable performance. The principle of "Form follows function" is in full effect. The S-X's profile optimizes dispersion, thus providing as wide a soundstage as the laws of physics allow. Working in harmony with this, the integral waveguide further optimizes dispersion as it minimizes distortion in the critical midrange region. Finally, the S-X's design eliminates any possibility of the midrange distortion so common to systems that employ a crossover in this critical frequency band. In summary, the S-X integrates an unprecedented level of creative engineering for a product of its size and price. While the technical details we mention may be of no interest, you'll most assuredly enjoy what they do for your ears.

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